Organic production certification


Organic agriculture produces products using methods that follow specific organic standards, avoid organisms and their products resulted from genetic engineering and synthetic materials such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth regulator and feed additives, follow natural rules and ecological principles, keep balance between planting and breeding, adopt sustainable agricultural technologies to maintain a steady agricultural production system

Organic production means producing, processing and selling products by process that meets the national standards of organic product for human consumption and animal feed.

Organic products must have four characteristics. First, raw material must come from organic agricultural production systems or wild natural products collected by organic way. Second, the whole production process must follow all requirements for organic products in production, processing, packaging, storage and transportation. Third, a tracking and inspection system must be well established and complete records of production and sales must be in place. Fourth, a certification inspection must be conducted by an independent organic product certification body.

China organic product certification is a national voluntary certification implemented in accordance to relevant laws and rules. The certification reference is GB/T19630 the National Standards of Organic Products, including production, processing, labeling and sales, and management system.

Certification Benefits

(1)Improve product quality

(2)Enhance product popularity

(3)Improve the management level of the enterprise

(4)Improve the ecological and living environment

(5)Help the enterprise to enter the high-end market.