Inspection of Used Machinery And Equipment

In accordance with the latest notice announced by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) in 2015, registration for used mechanical and electrical products imported to China with AQSIQ or China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) at destination ports was abolished by State Council of P.R.China. Buyers have to access the website “″ (currently Chinese version only) and do online application instead.  The System will assign the application to relevant CCIC overseas office or direct CIQ based on auto-determination. Buyers are also advised to liaise with the appointed inspection body as a result.

Acknowledgment of Pre-shipment inspection body

Please access the site “″ to do online application. New users are required to do the online registration first. Once registration is successfully, a set of login ID and password will be generated and forwarded. Please use that information (given username and password ) to log into the system and do application, then submission. For non-first time users, please use the existing information (username and password) to log in and submit the application. After submitting all information and if the system shows that the authorized inspection body is CCIC Australia, you can apply for inspection according to the following process:

  1. Inspection Application

1)       Please contact us via email about your online application. We will check our job list through the same website. If the application is showed in our list, a confirmation email will be sent to applicant.

2)     Please contact our Documentation Department for related forms.

3)       With the completion of above four forms with business stamp and signature, please forward a scanned copy or PDF file to us along with the Copy of applicant’s Business Registration(for initial application only, or at the time of the business registration modified) and associated trade documents (Trade Contract/Agreement, Invoice, etc.) via email to us.

4)       After receiving the application ( all documents) for inspection, we will confirm and issue an acceptance then email back to the applicant with an acceptance number for inspection. The applicant is required to quote the acceptance number during his future consultation with us. The acceptance number and the name of the applicant are essential information to help us provide efficient service.

5)       Invoice of inspection fee will be issued and sent by separate email to you for payment request. Please arrange payment promptly. Inspection is going to be arranged when payment record is provided via email to us.

  1. Confirm Inspection Date

Our inspector will contact your personnel for an appointment with a letter of authorization to confirm the inspection date and other related information. Please make sure to apply for inspection 7 working days in advance to allow our inspector to make arrangement for on-site inspection on the required date.

  1. On-Site Inspection

The applicant must ensure inspection environment satisfy the requirement of carry out inspection.

Normally, on-site inspection should be carried out only when the equipment is power on. Otherwise, the applicant must inform us in advance. (Inspection may be conducted when the power is off).

Please note, all commodities’ exterior and interior packing must be off before inspection.

The Pre-shipment imported used machine inspection to China is not only based on the China’s compulsory technological requirement of security, sanitation, environment protection, but also need to be identical to the appendix of Detailed List of Used Equipment to be Exported to China. On-site representative is required to provide associated technological documents, eg. manual, service record, equipment management record, etc. On the date of inspection, the authorized on site representative should be on the site for assistance and sign relative documents.

  1. Issue of Inspection Report and Certificate

Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate and Pre-Shipment Inspection Report will be issued in 3 working days once receiving all the required documents from applicant.

*On-site inspector may ask applicant to provide relative evidence document to guarantee the accuracy of the inspection. The provision of any evidence will affect the time frame of issuing certificate.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (1 Original + 2 Duplicates) and Pre-Shipment Inspection Report (1 Original + 1 Duplicate) will be issued.

  1. Mail Inspection Report and Certificate

Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (1 Original + 2 Duplicates) and Pre-Shipment Inspection Report (1 Original + 1 Duplicate) will be posted to the address upon request.

  1. Expense Standard

Welcome to refer to our Expense Standard List, if needed.

According to any related policy adjustment by the government, please understand that part of the notice will be modified accordingly. During the inspection of used mechanical and electrical products, CCIC Australia guarantees no commercial information or confidential disclosure to any third party without the applicant’s permission.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

     1) Who is the applicant of the pre-shipment inspection?

The importer of China/the applicant on the AQSIQ registration document

     2) Who should pay the inspection fee?

Anyone can make the payment. Please include application reference number when make payment.

     3) What kind of payment methods are accepted by CCIC Australia?

-Wire transfer -Company Check -Direct deposit -Money order -Cashier check

     4) Can we pay after inspection?

No. Advance payment is needed. We will arrange on-site inspection after payment is received.

     5) Can we get refund if we cancel the inspection?

Yes. If our inspector has not arrived to the inspection location yet, you can get the remaining balance after deducting all incurred expenses processing fee.

     6) Can CCIC Australia arrange inspection if the machine is in non-operating condition?

We prefer the machine to be in running condition. If the machine is under the following conditions, on-site inspection cannot be arranged: -Already packed or crated -Still operating and will continue to operate for some time after inspection -Machine will be remodeled, repaired or re-assembled before shipping

     7) Who can be the authorized representative?

The applicant can authorize anyone to be the authorized representative participating in the on-site inspection. However we prefer the applicant choose someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the equipment/machines.

     8) What is the duty of the Authorized Representative? Confirm time and inspection site for the on-site inspection Confirming and making sure the machines ready for inspection Providing necessary supplementary documents, such as: -Sales Invoice -Inventory record, -Maintenance record -Operation Manual etc. in case necessary information could not be identified on the machines; Make correction and provide corrective action plan for non-conformity issues found during inspection.

     9) What I need to prepare before on-site inspection?

Make sure machine (including inside & outside of the machine as well as all ducts) is clean and free from any liquid or solid leftover, such as dust, oil stain production.

     10) What I need to do after on-site inspection?

Please provide the correction report to us if there was non-conformity issues found during inspection (including document and photos), if we cannot accept the correction report, please do the correction again following our instruction until we accept the final correction report.

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